Are Flexible Hoses Safe For Drinking Water? Flexible hoses are made of materials that are safe for drinking water, but there are a few things to keep in mind when using them. First, make sure that the hose is rated for drinking water. Second, be sure to clean the hose before using it, and follow the manufacturer's instructions for care and use. FLEX SEAL® LIQUID. Q: How much will one can of it cover? A: Coverage will vary depending on the number of coats used and what type of surface you are applying Flex Seal® Liquid onto. However, our available sizes typically cover the following area: 1 Large 16oz – up to 18.75 sq. ft., 1 Jumbo 32oz – up to 37.5 sq. ft., 1 Giant Gallon – up. Polyethylene Terephthalate is considered safe, but it can leach toxic metal antimony. Plastic #1 is intended for one-time use only. These bottles should not be reused or heated as a precaution and can be recycled once into new secondary products such as fabric, carpet, or plastic lumber. Best Running Water Bottles. Light and Collapsible: Nathan ExoShot 2.0. Most Storage Space: Nathan SpeedDraw Plus Insulated. Secure Grip: Amphipod Hydraform Ergo Minimalist. Safe to Freeze.

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